Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And the final amount raised is...

Ready for this? I finally have all of the numbers in order, the checks from Third Reformed and the money transferred out from the Paypal account. The total amount raised for the Holland-Anderson family is


I paid Redmon $5,860 so I am bringing $1,610 to the HA family tomorrow for them to use as they wish.

Thank you. For the support financially and through prayers. Thank you for proving that we are a community (locally and beyond) that cares for each other, prayers for each other and supports each other. Thank you for lifting up Chloe, Kip, Christa, Martha and Henri. Thank you.

One of my favorite things about the donations is that they came from so many different are just some of them...
-West Olive
-Redlands, CA
-Crystal Lake, IL
-Grand Haven
-Okemos, MI
-Grand Rapids
-Sunnyside, NY
-Belmont, MI
-Snoqualmie, WA 
-Sparta, MI
-Saint Francisville, LA
-Plymouth, MI
From Washington to New York, Michigan to Louisiana...that is one HUGE prayer chain for Chloe! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In FIVE days!

I am speechless and blown away.

When my mom approached me about finding a way to raise money to help the Holland-Andersons pay for their air conditioning I was hopeful, but a little skeptical. My heart knew it was possible, but my head said it would be tough.

I prayed. And wrote blog entries. And an email. And started a Facebook page.
And you guys did the rest. And then some.

Here's the timeline:

Friday around 5:30 - First email went out from Chloe's Crew and the blog went public
Monday morning - Redmon installed a new furnace and AC. The total was $6160.
Tuesday afternoon - Bob at Redmon said that they were donating $300 to Chloe's Crew. They are a local company who all have families of their own and want to help. What an incredible company! The total needed was now $5860.
Wednesday morning - I woke up to a couple of more donations and more came in through Paypal during the day. And there are still checks coming into Third.

In FIVE days the supporters of Chloe have so far raised...
Are you ready?

It's quite amazing!

Wait for it...

 I am speechless. And amazed. And SO proud of US! And so thankful to each of you. And so thankful to God. Tomorrow I will give Redmon their check and still have money left over for the HA to use toward their heating/cooling monthly bills or gas to/from Grand Rapids or whatever other needs they have. Wow.

Even more than the money is the fact that there are literally hundreds of more people praying for Chloe now. People who didn't know her story now do and are praying for Chloe, Kip, Christa, Martha and Henri. We know how powerful prayer is and we are now a group hundreds more strong. 

Thank you. For your donations, your prayers, sharing the story, spreading the word and supporting our friends. Thank you for showing just how amazing people can be.
-Bethany, for Chloe's Crew

Monday, July 25, 2011

God is good!

The air conditioning was installed this morning. The wonderful company, Redmon, has complete faith in the supporters of Chloe and did not make the Holland-Anderson's pay anything today. I spoke with Bob at Redmon this morning and he gave me an idea of what we are looking at - $5800.  Tonight I counted what has come in through PayPal and yesterday at Third Reformed Church and was blown away. The supporters of Chloe's Crew have raised just about $4200 since Friday afternoon.  Wow. Thank you. Thank you. That leaves us $1600 short BUT I know that checks have been sent to Third Church and money is still pouring into PayPal because people are spreading the word and sharing the need!

I'll be paying Redmon later this week. I can't wait to pay them in full. Thank you. Thank you.

We're on Facebook!

We're on Facebook's a super easy way to spread the word to your friends! "Friend" us and then suggest your friends do the same! You can click on the link to the right. Thank you! Money is coming in like crazy, but we still have a way to go! THANK YOU!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


The donations are coming in.  We are blown away. In less than 24 hours this blog has been visited over 400 times. People are supporting the HA family through donations, prayers and by spreading the word. Thank you. Thank you. 

Remember...there is a donation button to the right for donating through PayPal (no account needed if you use a credit card). Donations also being accepted at:  Third Reformed Church  111 W. 13th St., Holland, MI 49423 with "Holland-Anderson Family" in the memo line of the check please.

PLEASE keep spreading the word.  Our goal is big, but our hearts bigger.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hi Friends,

First, THANK YOU for your support of the Holland-Anderson family! We know that Kip, Christa, Martha, Henri and Chloe feel surrounded by the love and support from so many people!

Many of you have wondered how you can help the HA's an easy way.

Kip and Christa have decided that air conditioning is essential in their house right now. I'm sure we all agree! In a conversation with Christa, she told me how something as simple as the extreme heat can dictate the mood in the house, the patience of the parents and the how comfortable Chloe is.  It's tough to know how Chloe will respond to her treatments, but wouldn't it be awful to come home to a house thick with heat if she wasn't feeling well? While this family is trying to enjoy each moment together is it really fair for them to be eating dinner in a bedroom because it's the only place there's a window unit? Nope, it's not.  The HA have gone through enough over the past two weeks.

The HA did NOT ask for money to pay for the new furnace/AC even though it isn't in the budget. In fact, in true Christa form, she told me that while this isn't something they budgeted for "there are people who are in much more need than us. Though what we are dealing with is awful, it's not near as bad as so much in the world." True. But the HA family is OUR part of the world and they are OUR friends and Chloe is "OUR" girl. 

Let's bless them.  Big time. In a HUGE way. That will last for years and years. Let's blow them away.

How? Simply...donate to Chloe's Crew and we'll get the AC/furnace paid for. All of it? We're praying that will happen.

How much do we need? Lots. Yes, we need thousands of dollars to do this. BUT, every single cent will count. Every single cent will ease some of the burden. Every single cent will bring relief.

There are two ways to donate. 

1) You can click on the link below or the button on the blog sidebar. It will take you directly to Paypal where you can donate any amount. The Paypal account was specifically set up as a donation site for Chloe's Crew. 100% of the donations will go directly to the HA family. You do NOT need a Paypal account to donate this way if you use your credit card. You can do it right when you are finished reading this email. It takes 2 minutes.

 2) Mail a donation to Third Reformed Church and put "Holland-Anderson Family" in the memo line. Third's address is 111 West 13th St., Holland, MI 49423.

We know there are many opportunities for giving in our world. We know that it's hard to always say "yes" to each of them. We know that money is tight for many of us. We also know that many of you want to help the HA family and have been asking how you can. 

The AC will be installed Monday. Wouldn't it be amazing if there were so many donations on Paypal by then that we could really offset the cost? Awesome!

(Here's the important summary of this email)
- DONATE if you are able. The link is below or donations can be sent to Third Reformed
 - SHARE this! Via email, Facebook, conversations...however you want! Sending people to the blog is a really easy way! Just spread the word because each donation will help!

Thank you. Thank you.
(here's the link I talked about) DONATE HERE! or check out

Again...thank you.